About our Club

Our Charter

The purpose of this organization is to provide a means for woodcarvers to meet, share ideas, and promote and participate in activities related to the art.

History of Our Club

Founded in 1976 with 17 members, we now have approximately 100 members.

Original members include Donald Hall, Charlie Hunt, Marty Klein, Judy Prasik, and Chuck Trudel.

Our Club Officers

President - Bill MacDougall

Vice President - Steve Caruana

Secretary - Bill Scudder

Treasurer - Joe Babulski

Board of Directors:


Ron Michelini, Chris Keibler, Frank Blajszczak


Fred Bates, Donnis Morgan, Mark Wagner


Ron Plummer, Ron MacLeod, Lyle Morgan

Library- Donnis Morgan

Refreshment fund drawing- Frank Blajszczok

Sunshine - Joyce Trudel

Erie County Fair Show- Pepper Weinheimer, Frank Blajszczok

Club Seminars: Joe Babulski

Seminars: Ken Kohl